The Brackwood Series

Haunting and strikingly original, The Brackwood Series is a sweet, sad story about the enduring power of love. A must read for every born romantic.

The Life and Afterlife of Charlie Brackwood

Book 1 of the stunning new romantic series by Stacey Field. Available on Amazon.On the evening of his engagement to his first and only love, Charlie Brackwood makes a decision that will change everything for them both . . . and one he will regret for all eternity.  Charlie finds himself exiled to heaven, still able to observe his loved ones though to them he is a fading memory. He can also revisit memorable moments from his past: happy, sad, bittersweet. From a distance he understands and forgives his best friend Russ, able to see the sadness beneath his brash exterior. He also relives the troubled course of his romance with Lucy Elliot, the love of his short life, and vows to wait for her.  But even in heaven, it seems, fate can take an unexpected turn. Charlie is asked to accomplish a very special task, and must make the biggest decision of his life and afterlife… 

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The Life and Second Life of Charlie Brackwood

The second and final instalment of The Brackwood Series by Stacy Field. Available on Amazon. After finding himself in an unfamiliar place, Charlie faces a race against time to save the woman he loves from a terrible fate. Will Charlie accomplish the mission he was sent to complete or will his love for Lucy force him to stay in a world he no longer belongs?  Who is Adam? The original owner of the body Charlie temporarily occupies? As Charlie delves deeper in to Adams life he uncovers a tangled web of secrets and lies. Whilst trying to save the woman he loves from impending doom, he becomes enticed in to the sorrowful world of a broken man.
Can he save them both?

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